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All Systems Go.

It’s official: Tracy McGrady has landed in Houston. All in all, I think this is a great trade for Jeff Van Gundy’s Rockets, provided T-Mac doesn’t forget about Yao in the paint. As for Orlando, at least they got Steve Francis for their troubles, which is better than they made out when Shaq left town.

Bells and Whistlers.

MSN gets an early look at the Blade: Trinity trailer. It’s basically just a lot of action shots in fuzzy WMP format, but, still, this could be promising. If you enjoyed the first two (as I did), this looks like more of the same. Update: Now in Quicktime.

A Mudblood Monarch?

J.K. Rowling lets slip the Book VI title, and it’s Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Well, that’s a strange one.

Show us the bodies.

In three separate cases, the Supremes invoke the Magna Carta and the Founding Fathers to call out Dubya for the trampling of civil liberties under his watch. In the words of the Post, “the opinions, concurrences and dissents were decisive on this: They represent a nearly unanimous repudiation of the Bush administration’s sweeping claims to power over those captives.” (Nearly unanimous because Clarence Thomas, he of the “high-tech lynching,” saw no problem with the US government holding prisoners indefinitely without cause or access to courts…perhaps he’s trying to get invited to Cheney’s next hunting trip.) It’d have been nice if the Supremes had gone farther and also decided on the Padilla case rather than kicking it back to a lower court, but still, this is a solid showing by the Bush v. Gore gang. As Salon waggishly put it, let freedom reign.

Silent Lucidity.

In the dead of night (EST), and quieter than the Teddy Bear’s picnic, the Bushies handed Iraq over to the interim government two days early. I agree with Slate‘s Fred Kaplan – this actually seems like a good call for once by the Bushies. I guess they already figured out how much trouble the “Mission Accomplished” banner can cause.

And yet outmaneuvered.

Unfortunately, the diplomatic savvy on display in this surreptitious Iraq transfer hasn’t extended to other world hotspots, as Kaplan notes with North Korea. “By his own careless arrogance,” writes Kaplan, Dubya “has stunningly mishandled this confrontation. He has allowed North Korea—the most rickety spoke on his “axis of evil,” a dangerous regime by any measure — to reach the crest of becoming a nuclear power. He has dismissed numerous opportunities to nip this disaster in the bud. And now he comes up with an old formula that evades the recent shift in the balance.” (The disarmament deal proffered by the Bushies now is insubstantially different from the one suggested by President Clinton a decade ago, the one pooh-poohed by Dubya upon his arrival into the Oval Office.)


McG drops Superman. Good news, but this project still needs a complete overhaul, beginning with a completely new script, one without alien Lex Luthors or evil Kryptonian uncles. If you’re not going to do it right, don’t even bother. We already have Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Youa Culpa.

Former Enron chief Ken Lay attempts damage control in the New York Times. “‘If anything, being friends with the Bush family, including the president, has made my situation more difficult,’ Mr. Lay said in a recent interview, ‘because it’s probably a tougher decision not to indict me than to indict me.’” Yeah, ok, buddy.

Captain Kinsey and the Phantom’s Treasure.

Several new trailers have emerged since the last update around here: Along with a new look at Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (looks bluescreen-ish, to be sure), Liam Neeson channels Alfred Kinsey, Joel “I tanked the Batman franchise” Schumacher goes after Phantom of the Opera, and Nicolas Cage, Sean Bean, and Helen of Troy undertake a search for political booty in National Treasure. Of these new three, I might pay money to see Kinsey.

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