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The Madness of King Dave.

Via LinkMachineGo, NinthArt checks in with Dave Sim as he enters the stretch run of Cerebus. Every so often I pick up an issue at Forbidden Planet and find it, sadly, to be just as inscrutable as this column suggests.

You can’t teach height.

While the NBA draft this year was slower than usual and surprisingly free of interesting trades (with the exception of Cassell to Minnesota, which happened the next day), I thought the Knicks did reasonably well this year. The Sweetney pick at No. 9 was a terrible, Laydenesque call, but picking up the free-falling seven-footer Maciej Lampe at No. 30 sounds like a steal (presuming his contract negotiations work out.) The 7’4″ Slavko Vranes sounds like a decent second-round choice too, far better than Frederic Weis at any rate. Now the question facing Knicks fans is how the trade winds will blow.

The Doctor is In (the money).

Good news for Team Dean – The Vermont Governor has entered the top tier of Dems in campaign fundraising, and he’s done it without prostrating himself before fatcats. However one feels about Dean, he’s a candidate who should be taken seriously by the Dems – it’s good to know that, whatever happens, he can’t be priced out of the nomination battle by a Kerry, Gephardt, or Lieberman. Ideas, not money, will hopefully decide the day.

The Doctor is Out (of his mind).

Kowtowing to right-wing unrest following Lawrence v. Texas, Senate Majority Leader Bill “Catkiller” Frist wants to write a gay marriage ban into the Constitution. Where are the true “conservatives” on this question? Surely, most would agree that the doctor and his cronies should not be scribbling their prejudicial rants upon our founding document, no?

Suddenly, This Summer.

R.I.P. Katherine Hepburn 1907-2003. Between Hepburn and Peck, it’s been a sorry month for legends of the screen.

Creeping Doubt.

This is a week old, but I didn’t see it until Meet the Press yesterday: Conservative columnist George Will tries to account for the missing WMD. “But unless America’s foreign policy is New Age therapy to make the public feel mellow, feeling good about the consequences of an action does not obviate the need to assess the original rationale for the action. Until WMD are found, or their absence accounted for, there is urgent explaining to be done.

Darth Timberlake.

Filming has started on Episode III, and as such the official site premiered Anakin’s new look, which apparently is meant to accord with the ’70’s aesthetic of Star Wars. Not exactly the menacing visage I originally envisioned under the mask. Update: As Scully noted in the comments, the pic’s been taken down, by order of Lucas. Trust me, you didn’t miss much.

Sayonara, Cha-Cha.

Greetings from San Diego, where I’m on the last day of my west coast swing. Those of you located in SoCal, that sonic boom you heard was Dennis Miller screaming down the Murphometer after my reading this story. I knew he had a show coming out on FOX News, but I had wrongly assumed it was counterprogramming…I suppose I should’ve known better.

Narsil fights.

New Line has finally released the first official ROTK advertising poster. Apparently, this teaser is the first in a series highlighting each character. Veddy nice.

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