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If Space Arms are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will have Space Arms.

Despite what it means for a nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Russia and China, the US refuses to ban arms in space. For what would such a ban entail for Dubya’s beloved SDI?

Kinder Traffik.

Kinder eggs are illegal? I didn’t know that…I used to love ’em growing up. All I know is you have to expect a certain amount of risk in life, and any kid who isn’t old enough to figure out the score shouldn’t be eating that much chocolate anyway. (Via MikeL.)

Testing the Waters.

Al Gore plans to test his fund-raising prowess this weekend to see if he can still run with the big boys. Let’s hope not.


Ian McKellen checks in from the TTT reshoots at his official site.

One Nation and Countless Careerists, Under God.

“Oh my name it is nothin’, my age it means less
The country I come from is called the Midwest
I’s taught and brought up there the laws to abide
And that land that I live in has God on its side.”

Bob Dylan, “With God on Our Side”

A Federal Court declares the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional, and all Hell breaks loose, with editorialists, Senators, and even our Fearless Leader lining up to decry the decision. (For their part, the House scurried out onto the steps of the Capitol to recite the Pledge en masse.) I dunno. I know I’m not the mean in these particular instances, but as a kid forced to recite the Pledge every morning in elementary school, I always found the name-dropping of God a bit strange and superfluous. I guess the lesson here, folks, is don’t vote against God in an election year. Speaking of which, the GOP are latching on to the decision as a centerpiece to their fall campaigns. Hmmm…corporate malfeasance still seems a higher priority to me than this judicial slighting of our national deity. Somehow, I think He can handle it. (But, just in case, the Supreme Court today ensured that everyone’s tax money can be used to pay Him tribute.)

Double Sixes or Snake Eyes?

Scott Layden gambled big last night in the NBA draft, trading away the seventh pick, Mark Jackson, and Marcus Camby for All-Star PF Antonio McDyess and the 25th pick (PG Frank Williams.) I like it…if McDyess can play a full season, it’s a great trade, at least for the short term. (Camby was great when he was healthy, but he was just Mr. Glass too often, and Mark Jackson has had a fork in his back the past two seasons.) Plus, Dice is a legitimate low-post option, while Camby was more of a clean-up guy on the offensive boards…McDyess will draw double teams and open it up for Spree and Houston. Now, if the Knicks can sign free-agent C Keon Clark and actually trade PF Kurt Thomas and PG Charlie Ward to Dallas for PG Nick Van Exel, we’re suddenly a contender again. Not a championship contender, mind you, but good enough to represent in the East until we can get back under the salary cap. All in all, a much better night than the Frederic Weis fiasco of 1999. By the way, I thought it a nice parallel that the same summer US joins the world in competitive soccer, the NBA opens its doors to the world…six of the first round picks, including obviously the first pick (Yao Ming of China), were international players.

Get your Patrick Stewart On.

More films ready for the July 4 advertising blitz, X2 (X-Men 2) and Star Trek: Nemesis. And, for a more adult (or racy) minded crowd, here’s the trailer for Julio Medem’s Sex and Lucia.

With the seventh pick…

The NBA Draft is tonight at 7pm on TNT (good historical recap here)…here’s hoping for lots of crazy trades accompanied by zingers from Sir Charles, the Jet, and EJ (Inside is far and away the best sports program on television.) As noted yesterday, Knicks pick seventh.

Who’s Nation-Building now?

In light of recent events, Dubya is forced to reverse his position about another anti-Clinton campaign stance.

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