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Lapu in the Mikini.

Aloha y’all…In keeping with recent Murphy tradition, I’ve joined the family for a late-summer jaunt to Hawaii. Unclear how this will affect the updates around here the next few weeks — on one hand, fun activities like snorkeling and pleasure-reading (note the cue at left is finally moving again) have been eating into my usual blog-hours (and the 1998-ish dial-up here doesn’t lend itself to much time spent on the Internet anyway.) But, then again, I’m already on the verge of sunburn, so I’ll have to find some way to wile away those safety hours indoors. At any rate, I’d expect the intermittent summer posting schedule to remain the norm around here for now, so, as always, mahalo for dropping by.

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  • Really seems like they're overestimating the Chester A. Arthur fans at this outlet mall.
  • 1st anniversary gift: Sadly Charlie Murphy can't be here for the Murphy festivities.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (7/10)

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