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Fawkes Force V.

The new poster for V for Vendetta is up.

The Better Angels of our Nature.

My favorite portrait of Lincoln comes from the end of his life. In it, Lincoln’s face is as finely lined as a pressed flower. He appears frail, almost broken…It would be a sorrowful picture except for the fact that Lincoln’s mouth is turned ever so slightly into a smile. The smile doesn’t negate the sorrow. But it alters tragedy into grace. It’s as if this rough-faced, aging man has cast his gaze toward eternity and yet still cherishes his memories–of an imperfect world and its fleeting, sometimes terrible beauty.” Senator Barack Obama waxes eloquent on Abe. Worth reading in its entirety. (Via Cliopatria.)

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

“Our troops deserve better: they deserve leadership equal to their sacrifice.” In the NY Times, John Kerry offers some advice to Dubya on tonight’s Iraq speech. Update: That’s your speech? Terror, terror, terror, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, all over again? Pathetic and shameful.

Burnt Draft Cards.

On the eve of the 2005 NBA Draft, SI offers their take on the 20 biggest busts of all time. Sam Bowie was a given, but where’s Frederic Weis? Update: The Knicks get their man.

Critiquing Catkiller.

“‘The constituencies are in tension with each other…His leadership of the Senate has faltered so far as he has tried to cultivate the constituency of Republican primary voters,’ Sandel said.” Responding to the recent Bolton switcheroo, the WP questions whether Bill Frist has the wherewithal for the presidency. Probably not. I mean, judgment-wise, he had already lost me with the whole murdering kittens thing, to say nothing of his goofy Schiavo diagnosis or his many prostrations before the fundies. But, hey, don’t fret, Senator…The bar for presidential judgment these days is pretty low.

In the Hole.

Down, down, down for Dubya.

They’re coming to get you, Berkeley.

According to this article, scientists recently brought several dogs back from the dead. And, yet, they were somehow changed…

Eighth Wonder of the World.

The much-anticipated teaser for PJ’s King Kong is now online.

A Good Republic Spoiled.

All the hand-wringing among Democrats about why liberals don’t go to NASCAR races or duck hunts misses the fact that Tom DeLay and Bill Frist don’t go to monster-truck night with the guys from Deliverance either. They hit the links at exclusive country clubs with rich donors and corporate lobbyists.Slate‘s Michael Crowley surveys the implications of the GOP’s predisposition for golf. In related news, apparently Republicans aren’t all that bad at baseball, either (which may help explain this.)

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