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A very Happy Halloween to you and yours (Fanboy pumpkin courtesy of the worth-perusing Zombie Pumpkins.) As I said before, I’d been thinking of dressing up as Shaun of the Dead, until I wavered on growing the goatee and couldn’t procure a cricket bat from my Aussie &/or Jamaican friends as easily as anticipated…perhaps next year. Then, I briefly flirted with dressing up as Mosh-Eminem, since it’s both topical and extremely simple (urban camo pants notwithstanding.) But, I finally went back to my first idea and chose Donnie Darko — skeleton costume, hoodie, pill canister (full of jellybeans), and Watership Down — despite my total and utter lack of Gyllenhaality. At any rate, have a good one and be safe out there: we’re going to need your votes to prevent a nightmare on Tuesday…

A Cry for Help.

Is anyone else out there having a problem with interminably long rebuild times on Movable Type? It’s been slow as molasses around here since 3.11, and 3.121 hasn’t helped matters. And it’s gotten to the point where it takes 15-20 minutes to post a single entry or to delete one wave of comment-spam, which obviously is cutting down on the choice links and commentary in these parts. Advice on rectifying this would be greatly appreciated, either here or at my post in the MT forums. Update: Michal Sabren, the always friendly proprietor of Cornerhost, has tweaked the archiving around here, which should hopefully bring things back up to speed.

Hobbiton, Indonesia.

There’s no Bagginses ’round here. They’re all out in Flores.

Spiky Wheels and Sith Lords.

In somewhat related news, a number of RotK:EE screencaps turn up online, including new and spoiler-filled looks at Voice of Saruman and the Mouth of Sauron. And, along the same lines, some official Episode III pics are released, perhaps to offset this extremely spoiler-laden review of the final installment. Update: The official official Ep. III teaser poster gets out, and, well, it’s kinda lame.

The Curse Reversed.

Well, we’re through the looking glass now, folks. After 86 years of trying, the Red Sox have won the Series! The sweep was a bit anti-climactic after the surprising Yankee-beating last week, but, still, an awesome feat nonetheless. Just think of all those terminally depressed Sox fans out there, who now have to find a new locus for their discontent. (By the way, Dubya, Massachusetts is coming for you next.)

Seven Days…

until the American people crawl out of the television set and kick this godawful administration to the curb. I know Dubya is up ever so slightly in the polls, but ties generally go to the challenger, and, at this point I still feel pretty confident that Kerry is going to win next Tuesday. (Then again, I’ve felt that way since the primaries ended, which probably has more to do with my inability to conceive of this nation actually choosing Dubya than anything else.) And, with Big Bill back in the game to help close the deal in swing states (something Gore should have considered more seriously in 2000), I think we’re good to go. Hope is on the way, y’all.

Billions and no Bombs?

Remember how much was made of Kerry saying Iraq had cost $200 billion in the debate? Well, “the Bush administration intends to seek about $70 billion in emergency funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan early next year, pushing total war costs close to $225 billion since the invasion of Iraq.” $225 billion…for that kind of cheddar, you’d think the Bushies could at least have locked down those 380 tons of lethal ordnance, eh?

The Final Sessions.

R.I.P. John Peel 1939-2004…The music world is smaller without him.

Friends (& Enemies) of the Rebel Billionaire.

WB continues to roll out the Batman Begins cast with new pics of Cillian Murphy, Katie Holmes, and Rutger Hauer (although, unfortunately, Murphy isn’t dressed as the Scarecrow.)

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