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Lost in Translation.

Thrill to the adventures of Arogon, Gandlof Foorgray, Gibley, and the Hoberts. My friend Giovanni sends along these Engrish TTT bootleg captions. The strength of the ring barrel is fading

Shifting Releases.

Miramax announces the second half of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill will open Feb. 20 (Part I arrives Oct. 10), while Tim Burton moves his latest project, Big Fish, up against RotK on December 18. (General release to follow 1/23/04).

Moment of Decision.

Rick Perlstein, author of Before the Storm, profiles historian George Chauncey for U. Chicago Magazine, and underlines the central role he and other scholars played in the Lawrence v. Texas decision.

Werewolves of Baghdad.

Slate correspondent Daniel Benjamin pokes holes in Condi and Rummy’s recent spurious comparisons between postwar Iraq and Germany. Yep, it’s more revisionist history emanating from Team Dubya. In related news, Jack Beatty laments Dubya’s lack of postwar vision, which now seems ever more constrained to lining the coffers of Halliburton.

Here Comes the Judge.

As McCain-Feingold nears its day in court, advocates and opponents of reform look to Chief Justice Rehnquist as a major swing vote (along with Justice O’Connor). Hmmm…I have to say I don’t have much faith in Rehnquist’s jurisprudence at this point, but perhaps he’ll surprise me.

Preseason Review.

In case you haven’t been following along up to this point, the NY Times summarizes the state of the 2004 Democratic field heading into Labor Day weekend (Gen. Wesley Clark excepted, for the time being.) On the other side of the aisle, Dubya’s 9/11 actions are given the rose-colored Showtime treatment (with Timothy Bottoms of That’s My Bush! playing Dubya again, no less.) Let’s see…Lying about witnessing the first attack, reading The Pet Goat for ten minutes while the WTC smoldered, disappearing from public view for the remainder of the day while jetting to Omaha, scampering about atop the ruins (and remains) a few days later while playing fratboy games with a megaphone…It should make for an interesting film, if they pause long enough to stop waving the bloody shirt.

Candid Kauai.

Hello all…my intermittent cable woes continue over here, which is severely cutting back on GitM updates. (The Time Warner technician, having proclaimed that nothing is wrong on Friday, will be returning next Wednesday.) But, in the bright spot of connectivity this morning, I uploaded a sampling of the first wave of Hawaii pics, which you can see here: [1/
4]. As you can see, life there was good.

Fight Club.

Place your bets…it’s Trojans vs. Samurai. Coming Soon posts both the first pic of Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy and the final poster for Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai.

Space in the Balance.

As Mars draws closer than it’s been in over 59,000 years, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board published its final report, and it doesn’t hold back on NASA’s institutional failings. As I’ve said numerous times before, I very much hope we as a nation reaffirm our commitment to space, although I expect very little leadership in this regard from the Bushies — particularly with all our money currently pouring into Iraq. “‘Kennedy was able to relate space exploration to a greater national cause,’ a Bush adviser said earlier this week. ‘I’m not sure that exists today.’” Well, a greater national cause won’t exist unless it’s articulated and promoted by our elected officials. (Besides, since when has the non-existence of something ever stopped Dubya before?) At any rate, despite the vacuum of leadership in the White House, hopefully NASA will take this moment at the crossroads to get its act together and work to redevelop its vision. (Mars link via Blivet.)

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