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Ditch the Speeder.

TF.N gets a first look at Episode III Obi-Wan…and his ride. Help us make Ep. 3 decent, Ewan, you’re our only hope.

Napoleons rejoice.

Y’know, I’ve been waiting to hear this type of news for years. Apparently coho salmon and quail males also affect an ironic distance and disaffected world-weariness that make them the apple of females’ eyes.

Aloha and Mahalo.

As I leave tomorrow for August in Kauai, expect updates to be intermittent and at stranger hours than usual for the next couple of weeks. Be good.

Hard Times in New York Town.

Alas, I’m not going to be around (and my limited discretionary funds for concert-going was already spent on R.E.M. tickets), but if you live in NYC and you’re looking to wash the taste of Masked and Anonymous out of your mouth, Dylan’s playing the Hammerstein Ballroom August 12-14. Should be grand.

Read My Lips.

With New Hampshire continuing to heat up, Dean and Kerry spar over tax cut repeal. It’s at least comforting to see that the front-running Dems know the Dubya tax giveaway has to go.

American Scholars.

John Updike reviews the flood of new Emerson literature emerging in the wake of the Sage of Concord‘s bicentennial. Perhaps now would be a good time to revise my paper on Herbert Croly and Emersonian perfectionism while the getting’s good.

Who’s the Patriot?

The ACLU and six Muslim groups launch the first constitutional challenge against the Patriot Act. This should be one to watch. In related news, James Ridgeway examines the Clintonian antecedents of the Act.

The Buck Finally Stops.

In a tortured press conference in which he also came out firmly against gay marriage, Dubya finally admits he’s to blame for the Iraq-Niger claim in the State of the Union (while letting Condoleeza Rice cry “mea culpa” on Newshour.) Why on Earth did it take him so long to state the obvious? As President, he is in fact responsible for his own utterances.

The other franchises.

Lost in the hubbub over yesterday’s RotK footage were these two fanboy nuggets: the new Spiderman 2 poster and lots of new shots from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. Well, ok then.

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