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Dropping the Other Shoe.

In a strange moment of candor, Wolfowitz tells Vanity Fair that the WMD argument for overthrowing Saddam was chosen “for bureaucratic reasons,” since “it was the one reason everyone could agree on.” (He also lends credence to the argument advanced in this Fred Kaplan article that removing troops from Saudi Arabia was one of the central purposes of the Iraq war.) Meanwhile, in the same AP story, the head of US Marines in Iraq says of the WMDs, “they’re simply not there.” Looks like the Bushies have some explaining to do…If they follow the usual pattern, I suspect they’ll answer any tough question with a flurry of 9/11-esque horror stories.

No Child Left Behind?

Surprise, surprise. Dubya and the GOP’s new tax cut leaves out an increased child tax credit for the nation’s poorest Americans. After all, gotta keep the priorities straight…Some families out there might want a second SUV.

Kerrazy shooting.

Can’t say I was rooting for the Spurs last night, but it was kinda heartwarming to see Steve Kerr get in a final three-ball spree. Now this should actually make for an interesting Finals, as the Spurs are worse than last year’s Lakers and the Nets are better than they were last year. Here’s hoping Jason Kidd leads the East to glory.

Gollum sings the blues.

Oh what to do? I am sad and blue. If only that I knew, that he would take The Precious! He had better flee, for I am thin and mean, and my eyes have seen, that he did take The Precious! Because the world demanded it (or somebody did, I guess), 2005 will witness the opening of the Lord of the Rings stage musicial in London (flash-heavy official site here.) Oh my, this sounds grisly. Will Troy McClure be in it?

Race and the Hoop.

For years, black ballplayers were stereotyped as not being interested in playing defense. When black players became very good at defense and began to dominate the league on the defensive end, the NBA loaded the dice. And this is precisely where the Euro players stepped in.” Dan McGraw talks about race and the foreign invasion of basketball in the Village Voice. I’m not sure I buy the zone defense conspiracy theory being promulgated, but there’s some interesting food for thought here nonetheless. And it is pretty sad to see how far the league will go to pander to white people — For example, the Frank Sinatra ad mentioned, or the ridiculous soft-focus Finals ads (“This is old school basketball.”) on ABC right now.

War between the States.

“Bipartisanship is another name for date rape.” Ah, the wit and wisdom of a GOP flak…On what planet would that not be offensive? Republican strategist Grover Norquist also revels in the increasing acrimony within state legislatures. “We are trying to change the tones in the state capitals – and turn them toward bitter nastiness and partisanship.” I guess he’s a divider, not a uniter. (Via Medley.)

Reality Check.

Like actors, however, humanities graduate students have to realize that – except for a few jackpot cases – there is no market for their product. When you choose a career path with no market, you have to love it enough to do it for free.Breaching the Web passes along a rude awakening for the academy-minded. Statistics like these are always a bit disappointing…still, I think a PhD can be helpful in other career tracks besides academia, and particularly in a field like History or English that lends itself to a lot of overlap with the “real” world. The numbers are grim, but most fellow graduate students I encounter seem to know the score.

Dot Matrices.

More fuel for the Matrix debate: A fanboy site posts the Niobe and Oracle conversation from Enter the Matrix. It might explain a few things, or it might not.


In related news, the Green party contemplates folding in with the Dems for the next election cycle. Hmmm…although the candidates may currently be tacking left, I seriously doubt it’s going to happen, given the type of garbage the DLC is spouting at its left flank these days.

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