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Get Your War On.

We’re clearly going to war, we’re giving all the old folks prescription drugs, we’re eliminating AIDS in Africa, and American taxpayers won’t have to pay a red cent. Anybody notice a problem? Dubya’s State of the Union promised a lot, including dividend goodies for the rich and flaming death to Saddam, but it didn’t say much about the actual State of the Union. At any rate, I was impressed with the AIDS initiative (although I’d be more impressed if he wasn’t getting advice from cranks like these), but otherwise didn’t think much of Dubya’s speech. I also doubt he changed anyone’s mind about the Iraq situation, but perhaps Secretary Powell’s speech next week will prove more fruitful. (Thacker link via Julian’s Jabberings.)

Superman Lives!

Great Caesar’s Ghost! Has Kal-El defeated the hacks? Apparently, both Brett Ratner and Michael Bay have now passed on the next Supes flick. And Chris Nolan of Memento is now tackling Batman. Perhaps DC might still throw off the Curse of Schumacher. (Yeah, right.) Update: Agh, Kryptonite! Ratner’s still on.

Welcome Back, Mr. Anderson.

During a 48-21 Tampa Bay blowout which never really got off the ground in terms of excitement, The Matrix sequels delivered the goods with this great new trailer. With the possible exception of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (and I liked the Yao-Yo bit too), it was the highlight of the evening.


Looks like I’m switching to Tax Cut. Apparently TurboTax 2002 adds some unmentioned spyware (note the user reviews) to your hard drive. Bad call by Intuit. (Via Now This and What Do I Know?)

Dr. Frist’s Feline Felonies.

Bill Frist, cat-killer. (Via Triptych Cryptic.) Just when you think a reasonably normal Republican has come to power in the Senate, you read about freak show stuff like this. Bizarre.

Ailing Body Politic.

As the GOP Senate flexes its newfound muscle and slashes a number of domestic programs, President Clinton emerges to assail Dubya’s health policies. Keep it up, Republicans, and watch Dubya’s numbers founder.

Green Machine.

AICN gets an early look at the Hulk Superbowl trailer. I think the link is broken now (I managed to download it to my desktop before it went under, but I don’t feel like crashing this site by posting it online.), but you can see a few screen-caps of what the gamma-ray freak in question looks like. A bit more cartoony than I expected, but that seems a stylistic choice more than a lapse in the FX. It looks better than Daredevil, at any rate. Update: The trailer is now available here.

Forever Young.

Looks like Bob Dylan’s film career is taking off. Aside from Masked and Anonymous (blogged the other day), Zimmy’s also given his blessing to the Todd Haynes biopic project.

Cold Snap.

Hey y’all. Sorry it’s been quiet around here the past few days. The new semester is starting here, and I’ve been busier than usual perusing various classes and fashioning section lists. (Also got a chance to meet up with Genehack for a few drinks prior to the Linux expo, which was good fun.) Right now, I’m teaching a class on America between the wars (1918-45), and taking both legal history at the law school and an APD survey in the poli-sci department. Should be grand.

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