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World Basketball Association.

Mike Wise surveys the global take-over of the NBA. (I find it amusing the rest of the Kings call Turkoglu “Justin Timberlake.”)

More Spying, Less Voting.

Dems decry Ashcroft’s handling of several Florida vote investigations, namely those involving Katherine Harris. Looks likes there still needs to be more sunshine shed on the Sunshine State GOP.

For Freedom!

My brother and sister-in-law left a copy of Freedom Force here on their recent sojourn, and I can feel it calling to me as I write. Doesn’t seem as addictive as Civ 3 (yet), but it’s clearly working with a very playable engine. Definitely makes a nice break after making Powerpoint slides all day.

Cry havoc…

and let slip the dogs of war. The campaign for a national memorial to commemorate canines gains steam. (All links via Breaching the Web.)

Futbol and Farscape.

As if all the aforementioned sports programming wasn’t enough for Friday entertainment, the 23-hour Farscape marathon begins at 7am tomorrow on Sci-Fi. As you can see, Roj Blake here is as evangelical about the show as I am, with good reason. Definitely worth a look-see if you’re not already tuning in.

Big Flack Attack.

Jonathan Chait analyzes the spin methodology of Ari Fleischer. I’m reminded of Monty Python’s Argument Clinic, which aired on BBC America the other day.

Waterloo Sunset.

The NYTimes remembers the Kinks.

Paging J. Edgar.

Ashcroft loosens restrictions on the FBI in the name of fighting terrorism. Hmmm…I wonder if he’ll let them conduct surveillance on gun nuts.

Stand clear of the closing doors, please…

The NYC Bloggers Subway Map, by way of Do You Feel Loved?, who also pointed the Blue Kylie remix that’s getting a lot of run on my Windows Media Player right now.

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