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WoW, here we go again.

Whoosh! That giant sucking sound you’ll hear in a few months is the free time, productivity, and normal sleep cycles of 9 million people around the world suddenly being consumed within the vortex of another ten-level grind…Blizzard announces Wrath of the Lich King, a forthcoming second expansion pack (a la Burning Crusades) to their popular and addictive MMORPG. [If you’re not a WoW player, just skip over the rest of this entry — it won’t make any sense.] Right now, my guild is done with Kara, has SSC essentially on farm, and is now plugging through the Eye (Void Reaver on farm, Al’ar recently down, Solarian and Kael’thas to come.) (As for my own character, I’m pretty well-geared these days — all of Tier 4, starting Tier 5 — and still reference EJ’s handy rogue spreadsheet whenever a possible upgrade falls.) So I expect we’ll be getting bored with Mt. Hyjal and the Black Temple at right around the time the new continent of Northrend drops. Well-played, Blizzard.

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