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Barack Obama ('04-'08)

Labor and Supers Swell the Ranks.

‘Sen. Obama will fight for better wages, real health care reform, stronger retirement security, fair trade and an end to the outsourcing of good jobs,’ said Hoffa. ‘He understands the importance of giving workers a voice at work and will fight for strong unions to help rebuild America‚Äôs middle class.’” The Teamsters, 1.4 million strong, back Barack Obama, as does the 65,000-member International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. (The Change to Win labor consortium may follow suit tomorrow, although four of its seven member unions already back the Senator.) Meanwhile, Sen. Obama picked up four more superdelegates today: Ron Kind of WI (who said he’d follow his district), Lloyd Doggett of TX, and Dana Redd and Donald Norcross of NJ. (Redd had previously backed Clinton, meaning today’s superdelegate swing was 5.) Update: Change to Win backs Obama, although the three unions not already supporting the Senator abstained from voting: “[T]he three unions released the federation to work for Obama in the upcoming primaries and caucuses.


One Response to “Labor and Supers Swell the Ranks.”

  1. last night was the first time that i actually believed he might be the nominee. we now have to face the possibility that our guy will be the one, and this brings a whole new host of questions. one wonders when the media will decide to pull out the knives… this michelle thing is only the beginning, and the questions around his pastor and her sociology thesis and so on. when McCain’s own swift-boaters come out, there will be nastiness galore. exactly how do you size up O’s chance of surviving really, really brutal attacks (not the kids’ stuff that HRC has been pulling)?

    that he has survived a bruising battle this long, against very long odds, attests to his endurance, but the real show has barely begun

    Posted by Gastonia | February 20, 2008, 9:10 pm

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