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Barack Obama ('04-'08)

Form of…Camelot! | New Target Acquired.

If that’s your man, then tag him in… The dirt off their shoulders, Sen. and Michelle Obama share a brief and touching moment onstage before the nomination-clinching speech on Tuesday. I must say, I greatly prefer this presidential show of affection to this one (or to the Gore make-out session, for that matter.)

Speaking of which, with Isengard subdued, meet the new opponent (via Little Bit Left, and the reverse-angle bump via The Late Adopter):


One Response to “Form of…Camelot! | New Target Acquired.”

  1. Speaking of which, with Isengard subdued

    In keeping with your “destroying the Ring” theme, I think swearing off PAC and lobbyist money the very day that you consolidate power over the party apparatus might just qualify. I’m just over the moon here. Unthinkable things are very rapidly becoming routine daily events.

    Another thing that fits is his pledge to burn all of Bush’s crazy executive orders in the first 100 days. I know we never would have gotten the first of those things under a Clinton campaign, and I tend to doubt it on the second as well. The Precious might well have been too tempting.

    Posted by J. Dunn | June 5, 2008, 6:44 pm

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