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The Knights Who Say “BWOMP.”

BWOMP, I say. And another via the folks at Slate‘s Browbeat, file this next to Shining: In a world ravaged by the Dark Ages, King Arthur (Graham Chapman) must assemble a band of hardy knights and find a sacred cup lost to history in the action-packed trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. BWOMP.

“Only Nein Neinty-Nine.”

If you thought JCPenney was having problems at the top — or if pressure cookers were posing problems for the tea-kettle industry — look no further than 405 freeway near Culver City in Southern California, where an innocent stainless steel pot is drawing comparisons to perhaps the least innocent person of all time, spigot salute and all.”

Don’t turn around, uh oh. Der Kettle Fuhrer’s in town, uh oh. If I remember correctly, this teapot with an ill-favored look is an exact replica of the one once used in a small boarding house in Minehead, Somerset. “Sorry Mein Dickey Old Chum!”

Craft of the Python.

All you lazy people out there who want to get maximum effect from minimum work, I want you to meet the arch-idler of all time, Terry “Python” Gilliam!” Via the Twitter machine, Terry Gilliam, circa 1974, explains the craft of cut-out animation. “The problem when you’re doing cutouts is to be totally aware of the limitations…I’m always accused of doing violent things, well, it’s because of the nature of cut-outs.

The Education of Douglas Adams.

“That he was born is just one of the many undeniable facts about the life of the late Douglas Adams –author, humorist, raconteur, speaker, and thinker (although it should be noted that, on at least one parallel Earth, Mr. Adams was born a spring-toed lemur with a predilection for grassy fields and the works of Byron — a poetic lemur whose work was not terribly springy).” With two days to go until Hitchhiker’s — you have picked out a towel by now, right? — IGN assembles a worthy cast of Adamsian roustabouts — including Terry Jones, Neil Gaiman, Michael Nesmith, and Stephen Fry — to offer their remembrances. (Unfortunately, Graham Chapman could not be reached for comment.)

The Second Coming.

Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each…Because the world demanded it, The Life of Brian is back in theaters. Best hurry and get your tix before churches buy ’em all out.

White Bear Down.

Will Ridley Scott direct His Dark Materials? Monty Python‘s Terry Jones seems to think so. Hmmm, I dunno…I suppose a Scott Materials might be interesting, but it might also be Legend. Update: Debunked.

Big Flack Attack.

Jonathan Chait analyzes the spin methodology of Ari Fleischer. I’m reminded of Monty Python’s Argument Clinic, which aired on BBC America the other day.

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