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“Link describes Obama as a ‘calculating’ cardplayer, avoiding long-shot draws and patiently waiting for strong starting hands. ‘When Barack stayed in, you pretty much figured he’s got a good hand,’ former Senator Larry Walsh once told a reporter, neglecting to note that maintaining that sort of rock-solid image made it easier for Obama to bluff.” Poker writer James McManus reports on Barack Obama’s card style, and gives a brief overview of presidential card-playing.

The PartyPoker’s Over?

With the bill’s foremost opponent — “Casino Jack” Abramoff — now sidelined in disgrace, the House votes 317-93 to crack down on Internet gambling. “The biggest losers could be the estimated 23 million Americans who play poker over the Internet. ‘This bill would needlessly make outlaws of the millions of adult Americans who enjoy online poker, and is the latest example of how our representatives in Congress are ignoring real issues facing our country,’ warned the grass-roots Poker Players Alliance, in an alert to its more than 25,000 members.

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