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Along with an Anti-Dean cover story (“Must he be stopped?” asks the Jonathan Chait piece), the New Republic evaluates the political consequences of Dean’s rise for the rest of the field. Given how absurdly in the tank for Gore TNR was during the last Dem primary, their endorsement holds very little weight with me. In related news, the Greens start planning for their own 2004 campaign, for which we can once again thank the DLC. So long as Republicratic Dems continue to attack their own left flank in the early going, the Greens will continue to ignore the Democrat in the general election. It’s not rocket science, y’all. You don’t see the GOP declaring war on their own true believers.

From the Sidelines.

Ralph Nader discusses the possibility of a 2004 run (less if Kucinich or Dean win the Dem nomination), while Wesley Clark’s noncampaign continues to gain steam.


In related news, the Green party contemplates folding in with the Dems for the next election cycle. Hmmm…although the candidates may currently be tacking left, I seriously doubt it’s going to happen, given the type of garbage the DLC is spouting at its left flank these days.

Behind the Green Door.

In the election of 2004, will the Dems have to keep an eye on the Green Machine? As David Talbot reports, Ralph Nader will probably run again, despite calls that he back down to support an anti-Bush coalition. Actually quite a fascinating article, not only to discover that Michael Moore is giving the Greens good advice (his message: follow the example of the Christian Coalition and build from the bottom-up) but also because it’s the Dems that are freezing out cross-progressive talks between the parties. Bad, bad call: playing hardball with your left flank is only going to further embitter Green voters, and we’ve already seen where that got Gore.

Taxpayers for Jeb.

TNR explores how Dubya’s using your money to re-elect his brother (and keep the Florida machine greased for 2004.) Amazing how little we’ve heard about this considering all the treatment the FALN clemency story got during Hillary’s run. (Speaking of Hillary, my respect for her diminished further — it was already pretty low after the “somebody should kill Nader” bit on election night — when she got in a shouting match with Russ Feingold over campaign finance reform last week. Apparently, she’s already trying to find ways around the ban.)

Corporate Socialism.

Ralph Nader weighs in on the corporatization of America in the Post. “At stake is whether civic values of our democratic society will prevail over invasive commercial values.”

Now you’ve done it.

You’ve gone and ticked off Ralph. Nader calls for a probe into Dubya’s Harken stock dump.

Friendly Fire.

Will the Greens derail Paul Wellstone? Normally, I’m very sympathetic of Green challenges to Dem candidates, but Wellstone is about as progressive as they come. That being said, TNR‘s got no credibility on the issue. They’ve despised the Greens ever since Nader first threatened to upset Marty Peretz’s favorite son.

Technical Foul.

Who knew Ralph was a Sacramento fan? Nader gets on the NBA about the lousy officiating in Game 6. Great stuff.

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