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Are You on the List?

“The bar for inclusion is low, and once someone is on the list, it is virtually impossible to get off it. At any stage, the process can lead to ‘horror stories’ of mixed-up names and unconfirmed information, Travers acknowledged.” The WP plunges into the rising TIDE (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment), a.k.a. the terrorist watch list that has quadrupled in size over the past four years. (And, here I thought we were winning the war on terror.) “Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) said last year that his wife had been delayed repeatedly while airlines queried whether Catherine Stevens was the watch-listed Cat Stevens.


One Response to “Are You on the List?”

  1. Yep. This seems familiar. I apparently share my name with somebody on the watch list, making every trip to the airport a festival of delays.

    Posted by Jim | March 25, 2007, 2:38 pm

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